A Love That Spans Decades
Paul and Holly Wedding | Spinning Leaf
Introducing...Paul and Holly Prychodko

Talk about a love through the ages — we were so happy to have Holly and Paul with us at Spinning Leaf. They originally went to middle school and high school together, before reconnecting at a 20-year high school reunion. Clearly, they were meant to be! Now they have a gorgeous family, a ton of love, and decided to make it official here with us!


Their day was full of so many personal touches, starting with the beautiful ceremony where their children made up their wedding party. It made for such a special celebration, seeing this already incredible family joining together in front of the people closest to them. Holly looked an absolute dream in her strapless gown with a traditional veil — and Paul was smashing in his blue suit with silver accents. But it was really the whole family picture, with the two boys and the darling girl, all standing there together that stuck in the memory of everyone here at Spinning Leaf. Her little flower crown was too cute for words. They were definitely the most charming wedding party we’ve seen in a long time!

Family, BBQ, and Fun...the Prychodko Way!

There was family sprinkled throughout the day. The bride’s sister created stunning arrangements of football mums, spray roses, blue thistle, Queens Anne’s lace, seed eucalyptus, and baby’s breath with the flowers provided by Charlotte Flower Market. The groom’s sister and mother made and provided the most scrumptious dessert table, with a huge range of sweets for the guests to snack on. With such an emphasis on family and a good old-fashioned bar-b-que, the whole event felt laid-back and warm in the best way.

Party time

And it was definitely one of the most active dancefloors we’ve seen at Spinning Leaf! The couple planned an incredible dance as a surprise for their friends and family, but that didn’t stop the guests from showing off some moves — the DJ pulled people from the crowd for a very special rendition of YMCA, complete with costumes! It’s safe to say everyone was really boogying the night away.

The couples also went out of their way to make every step of the experience memorable for the guests. We loved the idea of the personalized corks as a takeaway gift — and having the guestbook on Jenga pieces was such a neat touch that we sure will keep Holly and Paul laughing back home. The glowsticks were not only a lot of fun for the guests to play with, but they made for some amazing photos — and a great procession for the couple to walk through!

Holly and Paul were such a lovely couple to have with us — the focus on fun and family was clear from the moment we met them. Every step of the way, from the early planning to the final goodbyes, they were a total dream to work with. We know they were heading off to Turks and Caicos, which must have been a total blast for them! We hope that they come back to visit soon — and bring those kiddos!

The Wedding Team:

Hair:  Halcyon Salon – Ed Jesse

DJ: Jay and Karen Muma

Food:  Bridges BBQ

Desserts:  Teresa Prychodko & Marleen Traywick

Flowers: Charlotte Flower Market – Ginger Witherspoon

Photographer:  Victorian Rose

Makeup: Erika Payne

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